Waiting for guy in uncomfortable apartment

Sporadically I even surprise myself with the things that I will do for love.

I’m not sure what comes over me, but when I have feelings for somebody I will bend over backwards to make them glad. I shall do just about anything to see them, to make sure that they are doing okay, and to benefit the romantic partnership in any way possible. I will really go out of my way, and put myself in the line of extreme discomfort if it means making my boyfriend glad. That’s why, I find myself currently kneeling in a desperately hot and humid apartment, perspiring through my shirt and truthfully hoping that my boyfriend will be home soon. You see, he got called into labor today without warning. He did not want to leave his pet at home alone, so I gave to come over and pet stand for the afternoon. The problem is, I have no idea how his temperature control works. He has an old-school plastic temperature control stuck in the hallway wall, and I cannot make the temperature control machine obey what I say for the life of me. For the past two hours, I’ve been desperately pushing all the buttons and trying to make the indoor air temperature decrease extremely. It has to be at least 69 degrees inside the apartment, and it’s unluckyly uncomfortable. I do not want to bother my boyfriend at labor or to worry him in case the air conditioning device is broken, but I’m worried that I messed up the temperature control programming with all of my fiddling. The last thing I want to do is cause more complications for him or his air conditioning system. I know my best bet is to call out an air conditioning specialist and secretly spend my money the bill without telling him.

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