Scary movies scarred me from installing a gas furnace

Sometimes, I love to watch scary movies.

However I don’t really like it when it feels like the scary movie is just your whole life.

There are some scary things that happen in my life. Things that in fact I could only imagine in the movies. I would never want to imagine them happening in my own life in fact. One of these things is my HVAC system breaking down. Sure I have seen scary movies where the person’s gas furnace breaks down and the house fills with carbon monoxide gas. Or I have seen where the wires get mixed up and the gas furnace explodes the house. There are so many things I have seen go wrong with gas furnaces. So, I will and never have had a gas furnace installed into my home. I think I would be far too paranoid with it in my home. I understand that some people want to pay less for best. However I do not think it is worth the safety risks there. I could never imagine putting my safety at risk just to save a little bit of money. Installing an electric furnace would work much better. There are not as many safety risks when using an electric furnace. That is where I feel safe. When you watch scary movies they sure can drive the decisions that you make in your life. I think I better lay off of the scary movies for awhile. I am glad I do get to warn some people about what a gas furnace can do. It is not nice either.