Looking for roommates, plus asking crucial questions

I’m currently in a fairly particular position, where I find that I do not legitimately have anywhere to live.

For many months now, I’ve been living in the spare study room of my friends house.

Obviously, this situation can’t last forever. They have their own lives, plus I have been impeding on their condo for too long already. As such, I am currently on the market to purchase my own home, if I can find one that I can afford. Alternatively, I would move into an apartment with roommates. In either of these scenarios, the most crucial thing is finding roommates that share similar outlooks on living styles plus energy expenditure. In the past, I have lived with people who felt legitimately differently about their utility bills plus usage of our heating plus cooling systems. In these situations, I’ve tried to cohabitate with people who did not have the same financial goals as myself. They had no problem cranking the furnace plus a/c units up plus down all day long. It did not bother them to have continual Heating, Ventilation plus A/C emergency maintenance appointments in the middle of the evening. It was no bother when my fantastic friend and I needed to have the landlord fully upgrade our failing furnace in the dead of winter. Most of all, it did not bother them to kiss their hard-earned dollars goodbye every time the electricity bill showed up in the mail. I will never live with such opposing opinions again, I will never spend all my money on unnecessary energy bills, plus I know without a doubt that in this apartment search, my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C comes before all.


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