Kids are going to kill each other or the Heating and A/C

When you are growing up, you’re generally told that humanity’s expectation for you is to go off to school, get a good education, get a solid task, and start a family.

  • Not everybody follows the set of rules, but I’m one of the people who did not want to disappoint my family.

I took the traditional route and did everything right. After doing everything by the books, I have to tell you that I am less satisfied than I had hoped. Although I consistently wanted a family, I never thought that it would be so incredibly stressful to care for a supposedly passionate dwelling of kin. Specifically, the pressures of taking care of my nagging partner and my wild children can get to me. My partner wants me to take care of everything around the house, and that includes major projects like the heating and cooling system. It’s my task to professionally maintain the air quality control devices, simply because I’m the man of the household. Therefore, I have to remember to change the air filters all the time, arrange our official professional repair appointments, and diagnose Heating and A/C emergencies when something stops working. That seems like enough to worry about, but the youngsters really do not help in the air quality control battle. They are spoiled little brats, and they basically terrorize the smart temperature control. Installing a smart temperature control and letting them put the app on their PC was the worst decision of our lives. They have been abusing the heating and cooling system for years now. One of them will turn it up, the other one will turn the temperature back down. It’s a losing battle, me versus the Heating and A/C system, when my dwelling is trying to cut it everyday.

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