I ended up not needing a whole new furnace

For a long time, I just thought that my furnace was too old to get the job done.

  • In Terrell, Texas we actually do get quite the winter season.

The weather gets in the 50s and can even drop in the 30s at night. Having a heating season for the cold season is necessary. I get by decently with a furnace. It uses ductwork to provide whole-home temperature control. My one complaint was always about not being warm enough. It seemed like the furnace worked its butt off but never really got the job done. So one fall I decided to call a Terrell furnace repair dealer and ask about a new system. I will applaud this company because they could have easily sold me a new unit. The guy told me that my system was only 7 years old. I had at least another ten years left with it. The issue wasn’t the furnace at all but my ductwork. The ductwork wasn’t properly hooked up to the furnace. So my furnace was creating a bunch of really wonderful heat that was going nowhere. The guy got everything all hooked up and cleaned the inside of the furnace. Once it was all connected tight, the difference was shocking. My home was toasty warm. The guy ended up charging me for a Terrell, Texas furnace repair but it was a cheap one and said he just had to link the ductwork to the machine. He also added a small cleaning bill. It was dirt cheap since I thought I would be buying a new furnace.

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