Heating and A/C influencer hates AC in real life

I entirely dislike this part of my task.

I really wish that I was back in the good outdated mornings when all I had to do was try out extreme diets and ridiculous makeup fads in order to make a residing. A few years ago, people were chomping at the bit for me to try out their products and I had a never-ending onslaught of awesome products that I could sample anytime I wanted to. It was straight-forward enough when I had to go to the gym, follow a recognizable regulatory diet, and track my overall fitness. It was no big deal when I had the newest, trendiest cosmetic procedures on my face. I enjoyed all of these things, and sharing them online was a breeze. Now, the world of being an influencer has gotten much more difficult. There are so several of us that weird industries are now trying to get involved in the influencer game.This is how I wound up becoming a heating, cooling, and ventilation influencer. I was running out of makeup companies to represent when a local air quality control dealership contacted me and gave me cash to trial their several air temperature control appliances. If I gave honorablereviews about the comfortable rapidly changing temperatures and improved air quality you achieved with their Heating and A/C appliances, I could expect a steady paycheck from the Heating and A/C dealership, along with plenty of free indoor air handling devices. This might be a good deal for some people, but I entirely dislike air conditioning. Every time I have to post an insta-story about my brand current air conditioning devices, it means a afternoon of torture in my books. I’m glad I still have an income as an influencer, but I wish I could escape the Heating and A/C industry.

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