Duct cleaning fixes complaints with furnace and air conditioner

I never gave much thought to the importance of the ductwork until recently. While I was conscientious about filter changes and scheduling maintenance for the furnace and air conditioner, I failed to consider the importance of the duct system. The concealed network of pipes delivers heated and cooled air to the various rooms of the house and returns the stale air back to the furnace and air conditioner. The integrity of the ductwork directly affects comfort and indoor air quality. Keeping the ductwork clean optimizes the efficiency, capacity and reliability of the heating and cooling equipment. When I noticed a musty smell and an unusual amount of dust circulating throughout the house, I realized that there were some issues with system performance. During the winter, it was necessary to raise the thermostat setting several times. The furnace ran just about non stop and yet the house was never quite comfortable. Plus, there was a significant difference in the temperature from one room to another. I researched my complaints and learned that the cause was most likely a buildup of contaminants inside the ductwork. I started calling the various HVAC contractors in the local area to find one that included ductwork services. Ductwork testing, cleaning and sealing require specialized training, tools and technology. The contractor I chose provided a thorough diagnostic of the air ducts and found an accumulation of dust, dander, bugs, webs, construction debris, mold growth and even a decomposing rodent. Whenever the furnace or air conditioner started up, those allergens were becoming airborne and getting spread into my family’s breathing air. Fortunately, the duct cleaning process fixed the issues.
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