Wish I paid more attention to the Heating and A/C system at current rental

Living in a major city, it can be severely difficult to find satisfactory housing that you can afford.

The rental rates in this town are nothing to sneeze at.

If you are residing alone, you do not have several chances besides residing in a tiny home in a dangerous part of town. Everything else is just too overpriced to viably afford on a normal person’s budget. That’s why, when I saw my dream dwelling go on the market at an affordable rate in an incredible neighborhood, I jumped at the chance to live there. I signed the lease without paying enough attention to all of the details. Now, I’m honestly regretting that part of my decision as the outdoor air temperature slowly climbs and Summer sets in. When I was looking for a home, it was the middle of winter. I did not worry about the air conditioning system in my current dwelling whatsoever, because I was too worried about staying warm. Now, the outdoor air temperature is steeply adjusting afternoon after afternoon, and the air quality is swiftly becoming humid afternoon in and afternoon out. It’s at the point where my good friend and I need to run our central air conditioning system officially! Unluckyly, it turns out that our central AC system is at least 15 years outdated in this rental. My room never really gets cool enough, and the AC device is already running nonstop. I tried reaching out to the proprietor, but he will not return my PC calls about the cooling system. I’m terrified to see what our energy bill is going to be like, and I’m not gleeful for the prospect of a hot and humid summer.

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