Taking care of bae from a distance

The older I’ve gotten, the more I realized that I am an severely special woman to be in a relationship with, but you can attribute this to me being a dedicated, loyal, plus comromantic Pisces, or you can accept that I’m a deeply emotional plus committed human.

Either way, it’s clear that most people do not cherish as deeply plus thoroughly as I do, and being with me means being cared for on level 11.

There is not a single moment of my day that I am not thinking of my partner plus trying to improve her quality of life. I want to know what’s going on in her environment plus in her heart every second that we’re both breathing. That’s why, it can be difficult for me to go on corporation trips when my man has to stay behind. I do not feel like I can care for him in the ways that my fantastic friend and I both expect from the road. However, recently, I found one labor around that makes it feel like I’m right there with him. My buddy and I installed a smart control component in the house, so I can constantly monitor her indoor air conditions plus her bi-weekly interest. Thanks to the smart control component eco setting, I can tell when her iPhone is in proximity to the temperature control component plus when she is out of the house. I can anticipate what her indoor air temperature control needs will be based on the time of day plus the outdoor weather conditions. Then, I can use the smart control component app to entirely change the indoor air temperature controls to match her anticipated desires. With this control unit, my girl is never entirely alone.

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