Replacing the thermostat

It took me longer than it should have to replace my home’s thermostat.

I love making home improvements.

Since moving into our house, I’ve remodeled nearly every single room. I’ve replaced all of the windows, appliances and fixtures. I’ve painted the walls, refinished the floors and invested into new cupboards, countertops and vanities. It never occurred to me to buy a new thermostat. The device fulfilled its function. It required manual adjustment but controlled the operation of the furnace and air conditioner. About a year ago, during routine maintenance of the cooling system, the HVAC technician recommended a new thermostat. He told me it was an opportunity to take better control over comfort and trim energy bills. I started researching the different makes and models of thermostats. I was surprised by how many options are available. I liked the idea of being able to make adjustments to temperature through an app on my phone from virtually anywhere. Plus, smart thermostats automatically cater to the family’s schedule and preferences. I chose a model that kept track of every adjustment we made for the first seven days after installation. The thermostat created a program that optimizes efficiency by raising or lowering temperature whenever my family is out of the house or asleep. The device is much more aesthetically attractive than the old thermostat and provides all sorts of helpful information. It sends notifications when it’s time to change air filters or schedule regular maintenance. It provides alerts if there is a sudden temperature fluctuation, power outage or concerns with the operation of the furnace or air conditioner.



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