My dwelling addition got a heat pump

My husband and I bought our dream household when we were in our early twenties.

It was perfect for the two of us.

My friend and I each had a study room as well as my husband had an office. Then we had a baby who took the office. Then we had another baby that made us share a room. Then we had another baby that made us consider an addition. The addition was put on the side of the house. My friend and I had two extra study rooms as well as a powder room attached. My friend and I were looking at the occasion of replacing our whole Heating as well as Air Conditioning component with something greater. I talked to a local Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation as well as they proposed a more cost-effective solution. Instead I just got a ductless heat pump that works for the three rooms. There is an indoor air handler in each room with a thermostat. So those rooms can be controlled independently from the house. I didn’t have to add any air duct in the current design or add onto our new Heating as well as Air Conditioning. My husband’s room as well as office are now those spaces. He also is the only one in that powder room. When he goes on toil trips I then turn off the Heating as well as Air Conditioning on that side of the household as well as save money. I never notice a difference in my portion of the home. I only see a change in our energy costs. It was a smarter decision on our part. When my main Heating as well as Air Conditioning goes I might do a heat pump for every room. It is a quick, energy smart, as well as attractive solution for heating as well as cooling in my area.

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