Left windows open & rain came in

I’ve been extremely busy lately, & a large portion of it is due to financial problems… My partner & I recently moved to a brand new state, & our residing expenses have increased dramatically! She is working at three strange institutions, however all of them have been hard to secure paychecks from! Because she keeps experiencing payment delays, I have been footing the bill for every single expense since my friend and I moved, & I’m getting honestly worried, but i’ve wanted to find ways to cut down on our weekly expenses, & decided that my friend and I were using our HVAC unit far too much… Our energy bill has been through the roof, & I think my friend and I can adjust our heating & cooling unit usage in order to reduce our electricity bills for the time being, and as such, I started changing the temperature control to a much higher degree than before, & letting nature decide our residing conditions for the afternoon.

  • It’s often too tepid & humid for our personal comfort, however we’re saving a ton of money by leaving our air conditioning off.

I’ve been trying to open the windows before labor every day, & hoping that we’ll catch a breeze to cool down the indoor air, this plan has backfired a few times, though, because it rains separate from warning when the humidity is too great. There have been several days that the natural ventilation has lead to rain seeping in through our open windows. So far, I may have caused more expenses in water disfigurement than we’ve saved by turning off our AC.


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