Job pays for all my bills, except one

I am so grateful that things seem to finally be laboring out at my job these nights.

I originally got this job under legitimately different circumstances, when I did not need to make so much money for myself.

I was in a committed relationship, plus my fantastic friend and I were splitting all of our expenses together. As such, it was no problem for me to take a job with less responsibility plus less payments. However, things changed swiftly. Since I have been living on my own, I have been scrambling to make extra money to get by. After months of laboring my butt off, I finally got a raise at my job to make things more affordable. I’m glad to report, these nights is my full-time job covers all of my bills..… Except for one. No matter what I do, it seems like I can never afford my electrical bill. My heating plus cooling system is powered by electricity, plus it seems like I can never escape from my control component servitude. Every single Summer day, it is so uncomfortably hot plus humid outside that I have to operate my cooling system. If I tried to exist without any new a/c, I would be unable to sleep, unable to eat, plus at risk of heat stroke. This blatantly is not an option. Instead, I’ve had to get creative with earning an additional paycheck simply to cover the energy bill. I have a few side jobs that amount to just enough money for operating my cooling system. I hope I can continue to earn more money at my full time job – then I’ll honestly be able to rest down long enough to love my overpriced AC.


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