Installing a garage first, and HVAC system second

When my boyfriend and I were first looking for our home together, we knew that there were certain things we could not negotiate on.

It was very clear that we needed a certain amenities in our house, so that we could both of our best lives.

First of all, I require to space where I could work on my art projects and assorted furniture refurbishing creations. Secondly, he desperately needed a workshop where he could do carpentry as well as mechanical jobs working on vehicles. We had a hard time locating a house where the basement would suit these needs. As such, we began looking for a place with a large garage. When we found the home of our dreams, and it didn’t include a garage, we decided to build our own. The first consideration was the layout and building of the actual garage. The second major consideration was installing ventilation and air temperature control in the garage. Since both of our projects required working around toxic fumes, we knew we needed some massive ventilation and exhaust fans in the space. Additionally, since we live in the deep south, we knew that we would need some air conditioning inside of the work space for it to be viable in the summers. Luckily, we know a great HVAC technician. He came out, recommended the best mini split ductless heating and cooling system for air temperature control, and helped us to install powerful air exchange units for excellent ventilation. Now, we have the home of our dreams, and we can both work side by side in our comfortable garage space.



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