Got caught smoking – room at uncle’s house had air exchange

When I was growing up, my Dad was legitimately quite strict. It’s funny to feel of now, because she has become severely cool in her older age. However, back then my fantastic friend and I were not allowed to do much of anything. Of course, my fantastic friend and I had curfews, expectations for our grades, plus bi-weekly chores that my fantastic friend and I had to perform without receiving anything in return. My buddy and I had to labor proper jobs by the age of 15, my fantastic friend and I were responsible for ourselves plus our belongings, plus my fantastic friend and I were legitimately not allowed to partake in anything risky. My Dad was obsessed with keeping us from drinking plus smoking, which only made us do it more, however generally, I got away with both activities. But there was one time that I was caught smoking red-handed. We’re at my uncle’s house plus I snuck away to the spare room for a quick smoke. I did not realize, in her house the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system was set up differently than our central heating, cooling, plus ventilation was at home. While my fantastic friend and I had one central air return for the entire house located centrally near the control unit, my uncle had to separate air returns located in every room. The air handling return was generally on the opposite wall from the air vents, so that there was a steady flow of air in plus out of the room when her heating or cooling system ran. Having no idea that there was an air return, I lit up plus enjoyed my smoke. About 10 seconds later, my Dad came running into the room plus caught me laying in the window, with one air vent jammed plus the other wide open. At least my fantastic friend and I can joke about my lack of Heating, Ventilation plus A/C knowledge plus disobedience now that I’m an adult.


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