An AC on one side, a space heater on the other

Sporadically, being an adult means making adult compromises.

Being in a modern relationship means making sizable decisions together plus always respecting the other person’s quality of life. However, living under one roof can complicate this flowery ideal. For one thing, if you have differing ideas about indoor air temperature control, you are definitely going to run into some challenges living in one house together. I know that my boyfriend plus I have had immense difficulties overcoming our differences in air temperature control settings. He is always seriously hot, plus I am always seriously cold. In the middle of the summer, I am covered in goosebumps plus in the middle of the winter season he’s still dripping with sweat through his shirt. We always argument over the Heating plus A/C settings in the house, because neither one of us feels like we should live in discomfort. The situation only gets more complicated at night. Suddenly, our air temperature preferences completely switch. At night, I adore being particularly chilly plus he enjoys to keep with the surrounding air temperature quite warm. We struggled to sleep in the same bed for many years, until we finally found a compromise that works for both of us. He keeps a space heater restrained in on his side of the bed, plus I use a small portable a/c to provide cool air on my side. It’s not perfect, however it allows us to both get a restful night of sleep rather than fighting over the covers plus kicking each other “on accident.” We wish that it was more energy efficient to find a comfortable middle ground, however we’re glad that we’re still together.


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