A scary movie and a terrifying collapsed air duct

This might mean there is a collapsed air duct

I have to say that there nothing like some scary noises around Halloween to get your blood rushing. I recently went with my boyfriend to see a scary movie. I had been debating on whether or not I had wanted to go. I ultimately had decided to go with him to see the scary movie. It may have ruined me for quite awhile. After the movie we had gone back home. We were just watching some television. Then all of a sudden we heard this weird noise. We asked each other about it. Neither of us knew what it was. In fact it sounded like it was right behind us. Of course I had freaked out completely. We heard it again and then I really got concerned. We ended up figuring out it was coming right from behind the wall there. We figured it must have been coming from the air ducts running right behind the wall. We had to call the local HVAC company to inquire about this. We had never had an issue like this before. They couldn’t come until the next day though. There were no open appointments. So of course, I was freaking out all night at hearing those noises coming from behind the wall in the living room. Maybe seeing that scary movie wasn’t such a good idea after all. It is possible that right as the air conditioning turns back on is when the noises start. This might mean there is a collapsed air duct. I knew that this type of fix was going to be annoying because they would have to put a hole in my wall to fix it for sure.

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